Ocean Bacon
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Ocean Bacon

Fox, Woods by Kai Fagerström

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…. And so it has begun. Tony Abbott has put the Marine Park Suspension into play, with dredging construction already underway to create Australia’s newest shipping highway, Abbott point, better known as the Great Barrier Reef. Completely disregarding the World Heritage Classification or UNESCO protection, Rinehart is removing 3 MILLION cubic meters of the worlds most diverse largest living organism and ecosystem only to build the largest coal export terminal. We are going to lose one of the worlds most truly precious gems to a temporary and damaging “solution”. The Great Barrier Reef will no longer exist because of Abbotts desire for CSG export income. So please reblog and share this to show your support for saving natures gift to the world. Wake UP Australia, and spread the word.

3 million tonnes of mud will be dredged and dumped in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. This will lead to more than 100 million tonnes of greenhouse gases being released into our atmosphere, seriously damaging efforts to tackle climate change. These changes will be irreversible and have extreme consequences on the environment. This is the epitome of corporate greed and monetary gain at the expense of our planet.

god fucking dammit why does he have to do this doesnt he understand ANYTHING jesus im so mad

Abbott is the biggest flog, why is it so god damn difficult for Australia to find a decent prime minister

I really really can’t believe how dumb someone could be let alone our prime minister, and what sores me even more is that we can’t change that for another three years.

This should have HEAPS more notes

SIGN THIS http://savethereef.org.au/ AND REBLOG

please please reblog this and spread the word, signing the above petition doesnt cost a thing or do anything except help save this beautiful place. please help us.

The Great Barrier Reef is almost dead anyway :( it’s all bleached and the coral is white, they’re just ruining it more by destroying it, shouldn’t they try and restore it?

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